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ข้าวกล้องหอมมะลิออร์แกนิก ขนาด 1 กิโลกรัม 
Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

ข้าวออร์แกนิก บรรจุสุญญากาศ

ปลอดภัย ไม่ใช้สารพิษรมมอด


Organic & Non GMOs, Gluten-free

Product Specification

Organic Brown Jasmine Rice is aromatic long-grain rice.
Cultivates and process by natural biodiversity improves agriculture, without using chemical substants Toxic  and GMO.
Growing area located in TungKula Field Surin,Roi-Et, Srisraket,Yasotorn province Thailand.

Physical Spec:

Category             Non Polish rice
Color                   Brown
Milling Degree     Unmilled
Texture                Soft
Style                    Fresh Milled
Variety: Long-Grain Rice


                           1. Moisture Content                                    Max. 14
                           2. Grain Composition
                                Whole Grain                                          Min. 80
                                Broken                                                 Max. 4.5
                                Small Broken/C1                                 Max. 0.1
                            3. Damaged Kernels                                  Max. 0.25
                            4. Chalky Kernels                                      Max. 6
                            5. Yellow Kernels                                       Max. 0.2
                            6. Red and Under milled Kernels               0
                            7. Undeveloped Immature Kernels, Other
                                Seed and Foreign Matter                       Max. 0.2
                            8. Glutinous Rice                                       Max. 1.5
                            9. Purity                                                      Min. 92

Packing Size        PE Bag                                                      0.5kg,1kg,2kg,5kg
                            PP Bag                                                       10-50 kg
                            Paper Bag                                                  10-50 kg
                            Big Bag                                                      1000 kg

Cultivation Type    Organic and Non-GMO, Farm biodiversity improved
Storage                Cool dry storage

Origin                  Thailand
Quality                 Thai Rice Export Standards

Certified               Organic Thailand 
Minimum Order    1 kg

ข้าวกล้องหอมมะลิออร์แกนิก Organic Brown Jasmine Rice

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